Our initiative is to make the Pacific razor clam the state clam! It well deserves such recognition and honor. Please join our effort by signing the petition and being in touch.

The razor clam has long been important in Washington State as a source of food, income and recreational adventure. In recent years there have been about 400,000 recreational digger trips annually. Digging for razor clams is a fun, nature-oriented activity that attracts men, women and children of all ages.

Pacific razor clams are endemic to the Pacific Northwest and abundant on Washington’s coastal beaches. They have been part of the culture of coastal Native American tribes from time immemorial.

Washington has a variety of state symbols, such as a state bird, state song, state tree, state flower, state insect and state amphibian.

In recognition of the razor clams’ significance to the state’s history and identity, and to further steward and educate, this initiative proposes to recognize the Pacific razor clam, Siliqua patula, as the state clam.

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